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For Emergencies call 864-833-1862 or 803-276-1550

Emergencias - por favor llame 864-833-1862 or 803-276-1550

**CNNGA's toll-free line is no longer in operation.  800-221-8109 should be removed from your contact information.  This is not a CNNGA number anymore.**

Appliance Shop

CNNGA carries a variety of quality natural gas appliances at competitive prices in our showrooms at our offices in Clinton and Newberry


We carry tank and tankless water heaters, space heaters, ranges, cooktops, washers and dryers, grills, logs, and more.  Contact us for more information.


CNNGA customers may be eligible to finance up to 3 appliances at a time for 12 months without interest.  **Please note:  effective September 20, 2021, only appliances greater than $100.00 will be eligible for financing.  $100.00 or less may be added to the customers bill in one payment. 

In order to qualify, you must:

  • Be a homeowner
  • Have 12 months of clean service history
  • Not have been disconnected for non-payment during the prior 12 months
  • Not have more than 2 NSF checks in the prior 12 months

See a Customer Service Representative for further details.

Clinton Office

PO Box 511

Clinton, SC 29325



Newberry Office

PO Box 757

Newberry, SC 29108