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Emergencias - por favor llame 864-833-1862 or 803-276-1550   24 horas per dia

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Equal Payment Plans

Thu, 02/17/2022

As part of our new systems, Equal Payment Plans are being converted to Levelized Billing plans as they settle this year.  CNNGA will no longer offer Equal Payment Plans.  With Levelized Billing, each month the system calculates the average usage of your previous 12 months and applies current rates to that amount to generate your bill.  A portion of the difference in Actual vs Levelized usage is charged each month.  Therefore, your bill will vary some based on rates, but not an extreme amount.  There is no settlement period unless you are removed from the plan and payment must be received by the due date on the statement to avoid penalties.  

If you are a current Equal Payment customer and would like to participate in the Levelized Billing, there is nothing you need to do; we will take care of the conversion.  If you do not wish to participate, please let a Customer Service Representative know and you will be billed for actual usage. 

As long as you have 12 months of history, you can sign up for Levelized Billing any time during the year.  Once removed, you must wait 12 months before signing up again.

For further information, click here or contact a Customer Service Representative.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and thanks as always for choosing CNNGA for your energy needs!


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