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For Emergencies call 864-833-1862 or 803-276-1550   24 hours/day

Emergencias - por favor llame 864-833-1862 or 803-276-1550   24 horas per dia

Come see us at either office for your natural gas appliance needs!

Energy Assistance

In some cases, CNNGA is able to make a payment arrangement if you are having trouble paying your total bill.  You will need to contact our offices and sign a form by 11:45am on the Friday before cutoff.  If you are able to pay at least half we will hold the balance of your account from cutoff for 10 business days.  If you cannot pay anything, we will hold it for 5 business days.  No arrangements will be made on the cutoff day!

If you or someone in your home has a special medical condition, please contact us to see if any account assistance is available. 

The following agencies may also be able to assist with your energy bills:



Golden Strip Emergency Relief                                              864-688-2233

SHARE (Sunbelt Human Advancement Resources)              864-269-0700

United Ministries                                                                     864-232-6463

United Way                                                                             864-467-3333

Salvation Army                                                                       864-235-4803



Baptist Crisis Center                                                               864-984-0123

GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission                          864-984-5123

Golden Strip Emergency Relief                                              864-688-2233

United Ministries                                                                     864-938-9070

Laurens County Department of Social Services                     864-833-0100

United Way of Laurens County                                               864-833-3623



GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission                          803-597-5300

Newberry County Department of Social Services                  803-321-2155

Salvation Army                                                                       803-765-0260



First Baptist Church                                                                864-583-7245

Piedmont Community Actions                                                864-585-8183

Salvation Army                                                                       864-576-6670

Total Ministries                                                                       864-585-9167



Helping Hands Ministries                                                       864-476-2401

Salvation Army                                                                         864-576-6670

Clinton Office

PO Box 511

Clinton, SC 29325



Newberry Office

PO Box 757

Newberry, SC 29108