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Meter ERT Opt-out Program

CNNGA utilizes Automatic Meter Reading technology on its Residential and Small Commercial meters.  As part of this, an ERT (Encoder Receiver Transmitter) is placed on the meter which allows us to read your meter from our truck riding by your location.  Here is a link to information from another gas company using similar technology.

A concern has been raised as to the safety of this technology so we are pleased to offer an opt-out program for homeowners wishing to have the ERT removed from the meter at their property.  Come into our office to obtain a form to request the removal.  A retrofit fee of $25.00 may be charged and a $10.00 fee will be added to the bill each month to cover labor costs of manually reading the meter.  Renters will need the homeowner's written permission to have the ERT removed.  

If you choose this option, our meter readers must have ready access to your meter.  In the event that they cannot access your meter 3 times in a row, your meter will be required to have an ERT installed so that it can be read.

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