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For Emergencies call 864-833-1862 or 803-276-1550   24 hours/day

Emergencias - por favor llame 864-833-1862 or 803-276-1550   24 horas per dia

Come see us at either office for your natural gas appliance needs!

Natural Gas Safety

Gas flame

Did you know:

*Burning natural gas appliances may be a source of carbon monoxide.  Many newer appliances have an oxygen sensor which will shut off the appliance if the level of ambient oxygen drops below a certain level.

*Pets are very susceptible to carbon monoxide in the air.

*Natural gas appliance BTU ratings are made for different sized rooms.  Do not use a natural gas appliance in a room that is too small for its rating or one without ventilation.  CNNGA will not install a gas appliance in a room that does not meet current code.

*Pure natural gas is odorless and colorless.  A chemical is added to give natural gas its distinct, "rotten egg" smell.

Signs of a natural gas leak include:

  • A strong, pungent odor similar to rotten eggs.
  • Discolored or dead plant life over a pipeline.
  • A hissing or roaring sound near an unused gas appliance or a pipeline.
  • Dirt or debris blowing up in the air.
  • Persistent bubbles in streams, ponds, or wet areas.
  • Flames if the leak has ignited.

If you suspect a gas leak, you should:

  • Leave enclosed areas and call 911 or CNNGA at 864-833-1862 or 803-276-1550 immediately from a phone outside your location so we may assist you.  We take potential gas leaks seriously and will dispatch someone to your location at that time.  Do not smoke, turn on any light switches, or use any electrical appliances.


Clinton Office

PO Box 511

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Newberry Office

PO Box 757

Newberry, SC 29108